AirPod: privatizing comfort for transit travelers


Currently, there is a growing number of passenger traffic in airports across the globe while governments and other stakeholders move to enhance airport infrastructure in an effort to improve overall customer experience. As a result, the travel and napping industry has mostly been driven by the need to grow the throughput of passengers in transit from one airport to the other with airports offering solutions towards the establishment of smart airport concepts. However, these developments are yet to be accomplished and passengers are still spending countless hours in transit with some experiencing delays resulting in long unbearable check-in times. To enable a soft landing for passengers, and a long-term solution to airports, AirPod is providing passengers in transit a private and comfortable alternative to waiting on busy and bustling terminals.


What is AirPod?

For anyone who has been in transit before, it is no secret that waiting for a flight can be drab simply due to the lack of privacy and comfort. In fact, most airports commonly lack hotels where passengers can catch some sleep before the next flight. This is where AirPods come in.

Basically, AirPod is a private sleeping pod designed as a ‘capsule style’ unit purposefully built to offer passengers an area for sleep, relaxation or work. They can be installed in public areas in the airport to offer cutting-edge solutions to the public. Ergonomically designed to be fit for a comfortable user experience, the AirPod will first be introduced in major airport hubs across the globe as in introduction.

Here are some of the features you should expect from the AirPod.


AirPod’s Features

AirPod delivers a unique set of advantages including comfort and convenience. The AirPod will enable efficient use of space in airports thanks to its small and mobile design that allows it to be placed almost anywhere. Furthermore, it will serve as a unit set to increase value addition to the overall global travel experience. And with free access to Wi-Fi, Amazon Fire TV not to mention easy to use controls, and online booking, there is no doubt that the AirPod will be a valuable addition to most airports.



According to research conducted by, more than 50 percent of passengers would pay for a sleeping pod at the airport. This alone shows the demand for what Airpod’s solution offers. Furthermore, AirPod is seeking an ICO set to launch in March, 2018 with an aim of raising  $20 million to fund its developments.


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