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Since 2012, the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong has been one of the strongest local communities focused on Bitcoin, boasting a current membership of over 5,000 people. During the month of September, the organization will be using donations to buy advertising space that feature informative statements highlighting “the risks and merits of Bitcoin”. 

“The goal is mainly to kickstart a conversation around the merits of Bitcoin, especially in the context of the ongoing economic challenges,” explained Leo Weese, co-founder of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. “I think the beauty of it is that it is not a company advertisement, but instead purely focussed on bitcoin itself, as a disruptive technology (#GlobalInternetMoney), a hedge against inflation (#DigitalGold) and as a means for financial inclusion (#BeYourOwnBank).”

During the campaign, there will be five different messages that highlight some aspect of why Bitcoin is an important agent of change. Included in the messages are quotes from Internet pioneer Stewart Brand and FCC Commissioner T.A.M Craven, plus phrases that talk about Bitcoin’s strengths.

At the bottom of each panel includes the message: “Disclaimer: Your Bitcoin are your responsibility.  There will be no bailouts or quantitative easing.  Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.  Not suitable for money laundering.”

When asked if there was any pushback regarding the campaign, Weese said, “There is no pushback yet, the advertising company was a bit worried we might be pushing an investment but they would have been satisfied with adding a disclaimer as well. The ads were put together in just two weeks from inception, fund raising, design and deployment.”

The campaigns will be running across three trams and billboards located in Hong Kong, including prominent spots outside of the Bank of China HK, HSBC and Standard Chartered HK headquarters.  The campaign begins on September 11 and ends October 8.

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