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Bitcoiners attempting to do their part to secure the network, and run their own full nodes that fully validate transactions and blocks, often turn to hardware and software solutions provided by a range of groups. But those who were leveraging node hardware provided by Casa are now in search of a new solution.

Casa no longer supports its node hardware with ongoing updates, leaving plenty of Bitcoiners wondering how they can keep an updated full Bitcoin node running on their old Casa Node hardware. In the video above, Bitcoin Magazine’s Nik Hoffman recommends installing MyNode on existing Casa Node hardware to continue contributing to the Bitcoin network. 

To help, he provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so along with a visual walkthrough. Basic steps include:

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  1. Unplugging your node hardware
  2. Opening the hardware and removing the microSD card inside
  3. Plugging the microSD card into your computer
  4. Visiting MyNode’s website and following the steps listed to install its software onto the microSD card
  5. Reinserting the microSD card into the Casa Node hardware
  6. Plugging the device back into its power source, router, etc.
  7. Visiting MyNode.Local to complete the onboarding process and return to securing the Bitcoin network

Of course, the video tutorial above provides much more detail and a visual walkthrough for those looking to keep their Casa Node running. Be sure to watch it and subscribe to Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube page for more helpful Bitcoiner walkthroughs.

Peter Chawaga is a senior editor at Bitcoin Magazine. He HODLs BTC.


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