Pineapple Fund Ups Bitcoin Charity Donation to $5 Million for OMF


· February 4, 2018 · 12:00 pm

The Pineapple Fund ups its Bitcoin charity donation for the Open Medicine Foundation from $1 million to a full $5 million.

The last few weeks have seen a lot of doom and gloom on the crypto front. However, there are still lots of positive things happening in the Bitcoin world. Case in point is the continuing donations given out by the Pineapple Fund. The organization just recently upped its Bitcoin charity donation to the Open Medicine Foundation to a staggering $5 million USD.

Giving and Then Giving Some More

Back on January 14th, the Pineapple Fund gave $1 million to the Open Medicine Foundation. The OMF is involved in research for ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome) and other related chronic complex diseases.

The response by the OMF and people afflicted with such conditions was incredibly moving. Thousands of comments poured in on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, all of them thanking the Pineapple Fund for its generosity. One comment that is typical of the responses says:

Thank you for giving hope to people suffering with this disease. My son has had it for about 10 years, most of that time it was not recognized as an illness, let alone a serious one. A life full of exhaustion and pain may come to an end soon for him and other sufferers.

The Pineapple Fund was extremely moved by the thousands of responses. So much so, that they decided to up their total Bitcoin charity donation amount to $5 million by giving another $4 million.

Using Bitcoin for Good

The Pineapple Fund was started by an anonymous person who goes by the moniker of “Pine.” They were an early investor/miner/trader of bitcoins, who amassed a fortune over time as the price of Bitcoin shot up.

Pineapple Fund charities

Pine says that his/her Bitcoin address is one of the richest 250 addresses today. As for the Pineapple Fund, Pine says that he/she has more money that they can spend in their lifetime. In fact, the $86 million value of the Pineapple Fund is higher than the total market capitalization of Bitcoin back when Pine first got involved with the cryptocurrency.

So, Pine decided to use his/her crypto fortune to help out charities in need. To date, the Pineapple Fund has donated $37 million to 42 different charities. As that the blockchain is fully transparent, all Bitcoin charity donations can be verified.

Should more crypto millionaires use their fortunes for good like Pine does with the Pineapple Fund? What other ways can crypto lend a helping hand? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Twitter/@Open Medicine Foundation, Pineapple Fund, and Pixabay.

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