Qurito – A Decentralized Platform for Shared Ideas & Knowledge, Delivering Quality Content


The main ICO of Qurito, a platform to discover, share and gain ideas and knowledge, is successfully underway since it started on December 8, 2017. Qurito, aiming to sell 250 Million Quro Tokens in its ICO, is on the way of revolutionize the way people learn and share things.

The Background

The Qurito platform is designed with the intention of providing authentic and meaningful content to the users. The great part is that all of it is advertisement free and doesn’t incorporate unwanted content. This leads to users exploring and growing in a way that is both time and energy efficient.

How Qurito is different

There are a number of existing knowledgeable platforms; however, Qurito differentiates itself via its incentive program. The state-of-the-art rewarding system of the platform rewards users for their respective contributions over the platform. This strategy leads to the generation of more qualitative and quantitative content for the users.

The Problems Qurito addresses

The existing platforms don’t provide high-quality content shared by users in the form of Q/A, Forums, Polls and other means. There is a poor structure, making it difficult for the users to index and search for their required information faster. Above all, the biggest problem that these platform overlook is the reliability of the information, which is low due to absence of any incentive given against genuine, quality, and timely feedback.

The Core Elements

Qurito is the first, blockchain based, decentralized, globalized platform that rewards knowledgeable, curious and passionate people for their intelligence and knowledge. Users are rewarded with Quro Tokens upon answering questions, taking polls, participating in surveys, discussing in forums and teaching. The platform experiences an increasing volume of qualitative content. There is a strong element of reliability since users are given a unique rating on the basis of their profile and how strong it is in terms of contribution.

The Latest Technology

Qurito is being designed taking into an account all technicalities and critical factors like Design (UI & UX), Programming a strong backend engine, and Hosting the content on a reliable and popular platform. Latest and smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are to be integrated within the system. In addition, SEO will help in ensuring maximum content outreach. Maintaining an easily indexable content, leveraging on the latest technology enables a great user experience overall.

Get the Quro Tokens

Qurito will be run via Quro Tokens, being offered in the Main Sale. Quro Tokens are deposited into the main wallet. The derivation of Qurito token ensures security, scalability, and stability, which also encourages currency liquidity. Users can earn Quro either via User Activity (Q/A, Forums, Polls) and Web Analytics (Search Engine Traffic and Social Media).

To know more about the platform and participate in its on-going ICO, please visit https://ico.qurito.io/

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